Marlene Underwood


Kim (Underwood) Carstens

Marlene Underwood adored food. An Entrepreneur at heart, she followed her dreams and desires to create a place where we can come together and enjoy an amazing meal, have a glass or two of wine, and share in laughter. Her daughter, Kim Carstens, took over her mother's dream when she passed away before the completion of Marlene's @ Sevastopol Station.

Kim recently acquired a new chef, Mr. Jacob Demars, a young man with talent beyond his years and a passion to create what others have yet to discover. Kim's flexibility and open doors, allows the young chef to design and produce his own menu; a rarity and a trust that nowadays is a sought after desire.

Mother & Daughter:

Lovers of all things delicious, Marlene and Kim could be seen restaurant hopping around town, or at the farmers markets on a regular basis. Marlene was raised a vegetarian and believed in only the best of the freshest ingredients and made sure it was shared with everyone. Marlene was and is, a strong and beautiful woman who enjoyed High Balls and food. Full of laughter and love, she leaves us a place to come as you are, eat passionately and drink merrily.